A photo of a black and white illustration of a fat witch with achondroplasia using a magical wheelchair that is able to extend itself up to hoist the witch above a very large cauldron filled with a liquid. The witch is smiling as they drop tiny ingredients from their hand into that liquid. The witch has their straight hair tied up in a loose bun, and they're wearing a flowy, cropped shirt that exposes their stretch mark covered midriff, and a flowy, short skirt. On the back of their chair is a botanical blanket, reflecting their environment, which is an indoor space with lots of room and filled with plants of every shape, some hanging from the ceiling in knotted ropes, some resting on a shelf in front of rounded windows, more potted ones sitting on the floor in the background in front of shorter rounded windows, and some sitting potted on the floor in the foreground and peering up from the bottom of the illustration. Near these plants is a desk with a single flower in a clear vase, as well as a couple of sheets of paper and a pencil. The cauldron itself is very textured, and it has a royal looking sigil on its side, as well as handles. There's wooden door in the background along the same wall as the windows, and it has two hooks on it-- one for little people and one for non-little people. The shorter hook has a cape with a hood hung upon it, and it's next to the handle that is shaped in an old-fashioned style. Through the windows, we can see a forest close by, and in one of the windows above the door, we see a bird eating at a covered bird feeder.

Working with My Brain Instead of against It

Hello, hello!

I can’t believe it’s already about halfway through August!! Time really flies by so much faster as an adult. lol

I’ve been gearing up for the busy season lately– October through December– the last week or two, as well as doing some pieces for posting online and in the shop and some pieces for submissions I unfortunately can’t share with y’all until they get published or rejected (guess which one I’m hoping for lol). I’ve been really trying to reach out and find opportunities to spread my name out there, and it’s both thrilling and unnerving to present your work for judgement. lol But either way, it’s good– I know I won’t get accepted to everything I submit to, and I need to get used to that quickly so it won’t deter me from trying and trying again. 😊 [smiley]

I’ve been using a new planning method I came up with lately, too– I think I’ve finally found a method that works well with my executive dysfunction! 😭 [happy tears] I’ve set it up so that I’m on a two week rotational schedule:

The first week, I focus on admin stuff for work like taking and editing photos, working on the website, planning upcoming tasks, typing up image descriptions, working on graphic designs and product ideas, updating my portfolio, looking for publishing opportunities, and so on– as well as taking care of the house and studio, like with grocery and meal planning, stocking up on needed supplies and inventory, etc.

Then the second week (my favorite) is all about making art! 😃 [big smiley] That’s the week where I focus on making a full piece for posting to social media, let my creative mind wander and relax to come up with new ideas to explore, make pieces for submissions and commissions, make pieces for new products I want to sell, practice painting and new skills, do studies of other artists I like, make new pieces for giveaways or free downloads, and so on. It’s definitely too short of a week each time! lol

And I have little weekly and daily reminders written down for helping remember to do like taking my medicine, eating, showering, posting to social media, shipping orders, and so on. It’s really great to have those visual reminders since I get so sucked in flow that I lose all sense of time and memory of other necessary tasks. lol

This system has been super helpful so far– it’s allowed me to switch “modes” of my brain much more easily– trying to do a little of each type of task daily or even weekly wasn’t working before. And as an independent artist, it’s helped me with this feeling I always have that no matter what I’m doing, I’m supposed to be doing something else. I used to just freeze completely, stuck between two modes of my brain and unable to figure out what to prioritize, leading to a lot of self-deprecation and feeling defeated. With this way of doing things, I know that I will get to those other important tasks– just next week when it’s planned. ☺️ [smile]

So yeah! It’s been really nice lately! It’s boosted my self-confidence and helped me meet a lot of goals that I wanted to do, and it makes me feel a little more professional as a result. (Take that, imposter syndrome!) I’m hoping this will lead to more posts on here, too. 😊 [smiley] I also wanted to share this in case anyone else was struggling with their own executive dysfunction and wanted another way of organizing that works with their brain instead of against it. 💕 [hearts]

Anywho, thanks for reading! I’m off to chow down on some homemade nachos for dinner and spend some time with my partner. 😃 [big smiley]