Winter Flower: Viola by Jessi Eoin

An ink and watercolor piece showing a close up of a fat, nude person viewed from behind, smiling over their shoulder while showing off their numerous back rolls that create a beautiful, flowing silhouette. Their kinky, natural hair is shoulder length and a deep purple color, complementing their smile's lip color of a warmer violet color. Along their spine is a long, vertical scar cascading down, framed by a several smaller, horizontal scars, all from a spinal fusion surgery. One arm is lifted above their head while the other rests delicately on their shoulder, capturing a purple, white, and yellow viola flower in between their outspread fingers. All along their back, like flowers growing on a cliff, are more violas and their big, bright green leaves. The flowers are bright in color, with white and yellow centers framed by large, oval like petals in clusters of five, and they complement the bright yellow background to the piece. The person has lots of stretch marks, cellulite, acne, and moles dotted all across their skin, as well as a bit of hair along the upper lip of their smile. The person's skin hasn't been painted in, and their body is outlined in black ink, giving it a striking look in contrast to the bright watercolor painted around them in the form of flowers and leaves.