Winter Flower: Honeywort by Jessi Eoin

An ink and watercolor piece showing a close up of an infinifat, nude person resting with one leg up and both hands up at the top of the image, just out of sight. Their belly is very large, as well as their breasts, with two laparoscopic surgery scars visible on their torso, and they have lots of stretch marks and cellulite dancing along their skin on their legs, belly, back, breasts, and arms. They're draped all over with a gorgeous flower called honeywort that has jewel toned flowers and leaves, specifically here purple, pink, and green, with long, thin yellow stamens that peek out of the petals of each flower. The flowers emphasize the person's curves and highlight their acne, scars, and rolls. The person's skin hasn't been painted in, and their body is outlined in black ink, giving it a striking look in contrast to the bright watercolor painted around them in the form of flowers, leaves, and stamens. The background is a pale blue.