Winter Flower: Hellebore by Jessi Eoin

An ink and watercolor piece showing a close up of a fat, nude person with shoulder length, fairly tightly curled pink hair, a long scar running vertically down the center of their chest, and lots of stretch marks. This person is wearing a vibrant pink lip color and smiling coyly behind a pink hellebore that's growing up from their chest scar to cover the person's lips like a peek behind an unfolded fan. They're holding their hands on their belly, fingers spread open and just lightly touching at the finger tips. Another hellebore is interlaced with some of the fingers. All around their body, hellebores and their green leaves and stems sprout and grow, highlighting the person's curves, cellulite, green painted nipples, moles, wrinkles, and rolls. The person's skin hasn't been painted in, and their body is outlined in black ink, giving it a striking look in contrast to the bright watercolor painted around them in the form of hellebore flowers with pink petals, yellow stamens, and green leaves. The background is a pale blue.