Tattoo Permission Slip


Single use tattoo permission slip



This ticket serves as a one-time, one-tattoo only permission slip! It includes any of my previous works currently shared in my portfolio. It does not apply to any other works, including commissioned pieces or any other publicly visible works.

Custom tattoos may be made available in the future, but they’re closed for the time being.

Also, totally honored that you would want my work as a tattoo! If you would like to share it with me once it’s done, I’d love to see it! Feel free to tag me on social if you do. So excited for you, and thanks for supporting my work!


Tattoo Clients

You must be of the legal consenting age in your area to purchase a tattoo to purchase a tattoo use ticket.

After completing your purchase of this ticket, please be sure to save a copy of the image you wish to use as your tattoo as my portfolio will change from time to time as needed.

If you would like to use two images of mine, you will need to purchase two of these tickets.

You will not receive a physical item from this purchase: the receipt of your order will serve as proof of your permission to use my work for your tattoo. Make sure to save that to show to the tattoo artist!

If you’re able to in your area, I’d love if you could prioritize getting a tattoo from a marginalized artist! BIPoC, disabled, fat, queer, and trans tattoo artists deserve some extra love!

Please do not receive the tattoo from a tattoo artist with a known history of tattooing oppressive imagery or text, for example, a white tattoo artist who has agreed to tattoo another white person or non-Indigenous person with a dreamcatcher, has tattooed swastikas or other white supremacy symbols, and so on.


Tattoo Artists

Please note that this is not for licensing out my work for tattoo artists. This is only for the client to use with permission for one tattoo. If you’re interested in licensing out my work for using in your studio, please feel free to send me an e-mail at, and I’d love to discuss it with you!

Please confirm proof of purchase via digital receipt before agreeing to tattoo the image. Thank you!


Some Rules

I think most people will understand the general rules of using an image for a tattoo, but I do need to clarify some rules here just in case so bear with me. Please keep in mind the following:

★ All ownership rights still belong to me

★ You only have permission to use this image one time and only for a single tattoo, nothing else

☆ you can’t sell any images of your tattoo, for example, nor can you claim you designed it yourself

☆ you also don’t have the right to use the image for your tattoo on anything else (for example: prints, on apparel or stationery, etc.)

★ You’re not allowed to alter the design in a significant way

☆ for example, adjusting the colors of an image to make it show up better on your skin is fine and encouraged!

☆ changing a Black character into a white one or whitewashing a Black character is not allowed

☆ eliminating signs of disability is another thing that is not be allowed

☆ slimming down a fat character is another thing that is not be allowed

★ You can add words to the image provided that they are not associated with any particular group, slogan, or organization

☆ for example, if you want to add the name of someone you love, please go ahead with my support

☆ adding “Semper Fi,” for example, is not allowed

★ Hate speech, hate symbols, and other marginalizing imagery and text is not permitted to be included

☆ this includes cultural appropriation by white people of cultures you are not part of – do not let me catch you adding dreamcatchers and shit to your tattoo of my work, fellow white people


If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at with “Tattoo Permission Slip” in the subject line!


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Tattoo Permission Slip

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