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☆ Description ☆

Hidden is a piece about the idea of “invisible illness.” So often those of us who have such disabilities are reminded that we don’t “look disabled,” leading to a discrimination that is different from disabilities that are considered by others to be “visible,” especially when judged by non-disabled people. For those of us with chronic illnesses that don’t appear visible to others, though, the effects of our disabilities are hyper visible and everywhere, a constant reminder of what’s going on in our lives. The clues are just overlooked by those who don’t wish to witness them. So here is a piece where the signs are all there and all partly hidden, in some way or another, from complete view of the viewer.

For those without a chronic illness who would like a bit of insight, here are some examples in the illustration that hint at the chronic illness: the air humidifier, wrist brace, lacrosse ball, spoonie sweater, the bed not being finished on a traditional frame, the room full of plants to substitute time missed outside, a cane leaning against the wall, clothing strewn about the floor, and more. What else do you find in this piece that you feel represents chronic illness?

☆ Dimensions + Care ☆

  • All of the prints are sized 9″ x 12″ (22,6 x 30,48 cm). The art prints are printed in my home on the same 98 lb/160 g paper that I create original artwork on, giving a realistic texture to your matte print. Each piece is signed on the back, and my watermark only appears here on the photos.
  • For information on how to care for your art print, see this link: Product Care

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Hidden Art Print, Hidden Original


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