Gift Order Services


Gift wrap and drop shipping options for your convenience!

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Need a gift wrapped and/or shipped to a loved one? I can help you! Just follow these steps in order:

  1. Fill out the following form
  2. Press submit on the form
  3. Add this item to your cart

Shipping can only go to one address. If you’re ordering something for yourself as well, I suggest you either

  • have both items sent to your address to ship the gift yourself OR
  • order your own items and the gift items separately

Please note that this is a service and not an actual product available by itself. It must be paired with another product.

If yes, please fill out the gift recipient's information below. If not, please skip down to the gift accessories options.
This is the name that will appear on the outside of the package.
This is the name that I will address them by in communication with them. This is for anyone who may use a different name than their legal one for safety or privacy concerns.
I will only contact this person if you ask me to or if there is an issue with delivery that must be addressed. Please include the first name that I should use inside the email.