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Gift wrap and drop shipping options for your convenience!

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Need your purchase to be gift wrapped and delivered straight to the person you’re giving it to? No problem, I can help you out with that! After you fill out the form below and press submit, add this option to your cart along with the gift, and I’ll be sure to take care of that for you so that your gift turns out just right. :] [smiley] If you want the item to be wrapped but still sent to you, just enter your own information in both sections.

Please note that this option only applies to one shipping address. For example, if you order a gift for a friend and an item for yourself, you can only send the entire order to one address. In this example, I would suggest that you ship both items to yourself or consider purchasing your friend’s gift in a separate transaction from your own. :] [smiley]

Please also note that all gift order services are non refundable. This option is not available as an item for purchase separate from any additional items; if you purchase this service without any items to apply it to, you will not receive a refund.

I will only contact this person if you ask me to or if there is an issue with delivery that must be addressed.