Ban Billionaires, Not Inhalers! Tote Bag


100% organic cotton tote bag!

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☆ Description ☆

100% organic cotton tote bags!

Featuring the “Ban Billionaires, Not Inhalers!” design, these vibrant tote bags make it crystal clear who the real cause for concern is regarding the climate crisis and inhaler users. These bags are printed to order by the delightful Wild and Kind company, and are shipped directly to you from their location in the UK via drop shipping service. When you place the order in my shop, I let them know, and they get started on printing your bag!

Also available as a shirt and the original art and art prints!

☆ Product Dimensions + Care ☆

Bags are about 15″/38 cm across and 16.5″/42 cm vertically (not including the handles). Please note that since these are printed with water based inks to reduce the environmental impact, the bags will, over time, fade to that comfy, retro look that old t-shirts have.  Here’s how you can help preserve them for as long as possible:

  • Machine wash inside out with cold water
  • Dry flat
  • Iron inside out
  • Do not bleach

Note that the bags can become quite wrinkly after their very first wash; if you’re keen to avoid that, I’d recommend attempting to keep the bags as clean as possible with as few washes as necessary and doing spot cleaning as needed.

☆ Product Info ☆

Wild and Kind strives to create printed garments with as little impact on the environment as possible and as ethically as possible, too. Here’s some information taken directly from their site about their printing process:

“Our inks are eco-friendly, plastic free, water based and non-toxic. They do not contain any animal derivatives and have not been tested on animals. They are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® verified and are approved for application in the processing of GOTS certified textile products, which all of our garments are.”

“While some printers may have ethical options, we only use ethical garments that are either organic or recycled. We fully believe in people over profit, and so from crop to counter we want to make sure that no-one has been exploited in any way. This can be difficult to navigate because there is so much corruption within the garment and fashion industry, so we are always looking into our suppliers. At the moment we only use Continental Clothing and Stanley/Stella garments.”

“As far as print studios go, we produce very little waste. By choosing to print digitally we produce zero water waste, and in the last 2 years we’ve produced approximately 250ml of ink wastage. We re-use any plastic packaging that comes into the studio, and we use second hand boxes for our larger orders. Naturally, misprints happen in the studio. No misprinted garments end up in landfill as we find ways to make sure the fabric gets used. One of our favourite ways to repurpose this waste fabric is to shred it into macrame yarn and donate to local art projects or use in our own free craft workshops.”
☆ Purchase Notes ☆
  • Shipping is done entirely via Wild and Kind.
  • For information on refunds and returns, please be sure to check out my Return Policy.
  • Please note that a purchase will serve as notice that you have read and agreed to the terms included in the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Thank you!
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