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☆ Description ☆

Ban Billionaires, Not Inhalers! This piece is a response to the recent ableist, racist articles attempting to position the fraction of disabled people who need inhalers as a major source of climate destruction while conveniently neglecting to go after the major polluters themselves (overwhelmingly wealthy, white, cis, non-disabled men) who actually cause many of the reasons for requiring inhalers via their earth- and climate-destructive practices and thus have a far greater impact on the climate crisis than any group of disabled people needing a life saving medicine to stay alive.

As we continue to progress into the consequences of the climate crisis, there will be further calls for eugenic steps to be taken to protect the interests of those causing the crisis, and I made this piece to speak against it and to remind people of who the real climate crisis criminals are– and it’s sure as shit not people taking life saving medication, often as a result of developing respiratory conditions directly caused by environmentally racist actions by rich white people.

Please note: Due to the inherent differences in color on a screen versus in person, the colors of the art will vary slightly from what you see on your screen. There’s no such thing as an exact match for color, but I work to make the photos of my art as close to the original paintings as technologically possible!

Also available as a shirt and tote bag!

☆ Bonus! ☆

If you would be interested in purchasing this to use as a flyer to raise awareness in your area, please reach out to me at! I’d be happy to provide you with a copy letter format design with some quick facts about plastic straws as a medical necessity beneath the illustration or a custom message of your own. Could also be great for stuffing envelopes with a custom message to your legislator!

☆ Dimensions + Care ☆

  • This original piece is 12″ x 12″ (30,48 cm x 30,48 cm) and is signed on the back
  • Prints are available as a 5″ x 5″ (12,7 cm x 12,7 cm) or 10″ x 10″ (25,4 cm x 25,4 cm) and are signed on the back
  • Please note that the prints are of the digital art seen on the shirts and tote bags, not prints of the original watercolor art
  • Watermarks will not appear on the prints
  • For information on how to care for your art, see this link: Product Care

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  • Each order is carefully shipped via the United States Postal Service with their First Class service to save you money on costs, and each order includes a tracking or customs number for security (and anticipation!). For more info on shipping, please check out my Shipping Policy!
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☆ PayPal Users ☆

I’m so sorry, but due to PayPal’s unethical business practices against freelancers, including myself, I’m unable to accept PayPal for the foreseeable future. You can still use Stripe to pay with your debit or credit card, though! If you are genuinely unable to access payment via Stripe and still would very much like to make a purchase, please e-mail me at, and we can discuss whether or not other options are possible. I can’t promise anything, but we can try!

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Ban Billionaires, Not Inhalers Art

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