Shop FAQ

Hey there! Got a question for me about my work, products, and so on? Check out the FAQ below to see if I’ve answered it already! If you don’t see your question, please feel free to e-mail me at

What services do you offer?

I offer original artwork, prints, commissions, licensing, and tattoo use rights. Check out the info below for more details or head over to my shop for prints and originals!

Do you accept commissions?

Thanks for your interest! You can check out my Commission Guidelines page.

Do you license out your work?

Sure do! You can check the following link for my Licensing Guidelines page.

Can I use your work for a tattoo?

I’m flattered that you like my work that much! Check out this page for my Tattoo Guidelines on using my work for your tattoo.

Can I share your photo(s)/image(s) on my personal website, Tumblr, page, etc.?

In general, as long as you credit me using my name and website and include a link back to my site, sure! Please check out my ToS for more details first, though, thanks!

Can I use your photo(s)/image(s) for my business or journalistic website, page, article, etc.?

Please check out my ToS for details on that, thanks!

What’s your shipping policy?

You can check out my Shipping Policy page for that info!

How do you use your profit?

After taking expenses into account, I split any profit between myself and reparations to individual Black and Native people. Priority is given those who are additionally marginalized, such as transgender folks– especially trans women and trans femmes, disabled folks, queer folks, single mothers, and more.

In order to do direct action, this reparations money goes directly to the individuals themselves and does not go to charities, groups, or organizations; any donations to such groups or causes comes strictly from the portion I use to pay myself.

How do I take care of my artwork?

Great question! Check out my Product Care page for details.

What if I want to return something?

I’m sorry to hear that! Please check out my Return Policy page and be sure to e-mail me first so we can hopefully sort out any issues.

I love your art! Will you draw me something for free please?

Hey, thanks! Check out my Art Requests page.

I have a question about you, actually, how do I find that out?

You can check out my Artist FAQ page for more info.