Hey there, media member!

I’m Jessi, and I work with traditional mediums such as ink and paper, watercolor, and other paints to make my body positive works. I’ve prepared a couple of artist statements for you to choose from if you’d like to include them with your piece:

Jessi Eoin is a multiply disabled and marginalized artist and illustrator who creates body positive art by focusing on fat and disabled bodies. Recognizing the need in the respective communities for positive representations of both but especially for disability, they make it a point to explore the beauty of the concept “Disability is normal,” creating a unique space in the illustration industry for prominently and unabashedly featuring fat and disabled people in the fantasy and portrait art genres.

Highly influenced by nature, femme, and witchy things, Jessi frequently includes these elements in their pieces to bring a sense of naturalness and spirituality to their work, truly evoking the notion that disability, as well as fatness, is normal, beautiful, and something to be celebrated.


Jessi Eoin is an agender artist making body positive works using traditional mediums such as ink and paper, watercolor, and other paints. Their works prominently feature fat, disabled, and transgender characters as a way of seeing more positive and realistic representations of marginalized people in art and media. As a disabled, fat, transgender person themself, Jessi thinks that beautiful works about marginalized people need to be seen more often by the mainstream audience to encourage not only acceptance but welcoming by non-marginalized folks– but more importantly, Jessi feels it’s necessary to encourage a healthy self-love in the marginalized individuals themselves and to demonstrate the beauty and inherent value found in all kinds of bodies.

Please feel free to check out my downloadable 2018 Press Kit, my “2018 Welcome Video,” and the photos below, all free for your use with attribution (“© Jessi Eoin |”), and please contact me if you would like high resolution photos of my work for your piece by contacting me at or filling out the form below. Thank you! :] [smiley]

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