Personal Use vs. Commercial Use

Personal Use

Personal use is defined as anything that you use for just yourself without the intention of selling or otherwise obtaining profit/income. Examples would be commissioning a piece for you to print once for your home, to order a personalized notebook for yourself or a friend as a gift, or to use as a non-commercialized website where you do not accept any revenue in any form such as a personal blog’s avatar, etc.

Things that are not defined as personal use are as an image for your blog that provides you some form of income at any level (ad revenue, sponsored posts, etc.) regardless of the amount of income, as an image for a news article you authored for a school/news organization/tumblr post/etc., as an image for personalizing more than three products such as the notebooks mentioned above, as an image for your business’s profile or cover art on any website, and so on. If you have any confusion about what constitutes as personal use of my work, send me an e-mail letting me know your intentions for a commissioned piece, and I’ll let you know if that qualifies as personal or commercial use.

If you’re interested in using my work to get a tattoo, please be sure to see my Tattoo Guidelines page first! If you’re looking to get a personal commission, you can check out my Personal Commissions page.

Commercial Use

Commercial use is defined as anything that you use with the intention of selling, whether or not you make a profit, or as part of your work/brand, which includes freelancers.  For example, if you commission a piece intending to sell it on a series of stationery you manufacture, then you will be considered commissioning commercial use work, regardless of whether or not you ever sell the product and regardless of whether or not you receive any profit from the product.

Examples of commercial use of my work include, but are not limited to, using a piece as a cover for your business’s social media profile, as a profile/avatar photo on any sites you run as a business or receive income from, as an accompanying image for an article you submit to Buzzfeed/HuffPost/etc., as an image for your blog post from which you receive revenue (either from that post or the blog overall), as an image for any products you produce yourself or have manufactured elsewhere, thank you cards and other stationery, and so on. If you have any questions about whether or not your intended plans for this commissioned work count as commercial use, send me an e-mail detailing all of your plans for this planned work, and I can let you know if it meets the requirements for commercial use.

If you are wanting to use a piece of mine for commercial use, please check out my Commercial Commissions page and my Licensing Guidelines page.