A photo of several sticker packages of the Chairs and Scooter sticker set. There are several illustrated, die cut stickers inside a small plastic bag that is labeled with colorful cardstock and shows the front and back of the packaging.

November Update + Stickers!

Hello, hello, and happy November!

Whew, October went by so quickly and so slowly at the same time! I’ve been busy as a beaver working to get all those Inktober posts up, putting together the Disabled Witches art book, making new products to put up in the shop, researching new materials and methods and business advice, and so much more that I can’t even rightly remember them all. lol Lemme catch you up on what I’m up to now and planning for the next couple of months. :] [smiley]

So I’ve completed the Disabled Witches book, and I was so excited (and scared lol) to order it. I was really pleased when it arrived sooner than anticipated so that I was able to ship the pre-orders out on Halloween morning. It was fun to wrap them up— I’ve been looking forward to that moment a lot. I have 44 copies left as of today, and I think they would make a lovely holiday gift.

The same week that orders were shipped out, I was also finishing up a few sticker sets that I’m working on getting into the shop. I’ve been wanting to make stickers for a while now, so when the idea for a solid couple of designs came to me, I whipped out my sketchbook right then and there to get them down onto paper before they left me. I’m really pleased with how they turned out, too. I think they would make really cute gifts, too!

A photo of the 8 hand cut, die cut stickers from the Plant Babies sticker set. There are 6 different species, five of which (a ZZ Plant, a succulent, a snake plant, an aloe vera plant, and a pothos plant) are potted in different pots and one of which is a giant Monstera leaf. There is also a sticker that has text on it that reads, "Not enough plants."

I tried something new with the stickers, too; I used Illustrator to vectorize them, which I haven’t done with my work before, and it was really fun! It actually makes me want to design more like this. I do need to be mindful of the shapes, though, because cutting out intricate designs by hand is fine for a couple of stickers, but hundreds? Not so much, my carpal tunnel says. lol I’m planning a mini set of the Plant Babies sticker set I made, and I think that will help accomplish carpal tunnel-friendlier cutting and also will be a nice complement to have for folks who, like me, prefer smaller stickers that can be used, say, in a planner. :] [smiley]

I’ve also found myself lately feeling pretty… bored? stuck? plateaued? insufficient? with my work lately, and I think trying this new thing is a nice way to break out of that.

Speaking of trying new things, I’ve also been trying to get set up to make videos on YouTube soon. I made a craft-stick and electrical tape (lol) smartphone tripod mount for my tripod the last week of October (after several failed attempts to make something more complex ha ha T^T [crying face]), and it works well enough that I feel confident using it. So once everything gets updated in the shop and set up for success, I’m hoping to begin recording videos for my channel which has about 3 videos on it so far. lol

I’ve also gotten some new art supplies that I’m really looking forward to trying out: some Daler-Rowney FW Artists’ Acrylic Inks in a couple of shades of green, a brown, and a blue. I’m hoping to use Black Friday sales to expand my color selection, too. (Side note: I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier each week since the end of September to gradually adjust to Black Friday hours, and ahhhhhh, so tired. lol) I’ve made a drawing or two that I’m setting aside for later when I have more time for experimenting and really concentrating on learning new techniques, and I’m really anticipating trying them out. I’ve never played with inks like this before, so it should be interesting. :] [smiley]

A photo of three bottles of Daler-Rowney acrylic ink bottles in two shades of green and one shade of brown.

I’m looking forward to Black Friday this year because last year I was first in line at Blick Art Supplies, and I got a $100 gift card! It was my first time doing Black Friday, too, so it was nicer than it seems like it usually is. lol I’m hoping they’ll be feeling generous again this year so I can add an extra $100 to boost the savings I have set aside for it.

Let’s see, what else have I been wanting to share with y’all?

Hmm, oh! I’ve been seriously rethinking my social media posting schedule, too. Inktober really highlighted for me the pressure I feel both internally and externally to create at least three full, detailed, complete pieces for every week. While some of that pressure is internal, I’ll tell you that a lot of that internal pressure came from watching my followers dropping like flies when I didn’t post more often. lol It can be pretty stressful trying to figure out what kind of schedule and content is best to produce. I really want to focus on creating more than social media, though, so I’m trying to figure out a nice balance for myself and my followers that leaves me able to keep up and you fine folks happy with the content I produce. :] [smiley]

I’ve been getting ready for voting in the midterms, too. I’ve got an illustration I’ve made in Illustrator for the occasion to hopefully help remind folks to go vote, especially on their local ballots. It was nice to work on improving my Illustrator and graphic design skills, too. I often feel quite lacking in the graphic design department, so getting practice in feels good. I’ve been watching videos by professional graphic designers a lot to help me better wrap my head around it, but honestly practice makes perfect, for sure.

A blue and white vector illustration of a bullhorn calling out "Don't Forget to Vote! November 6th."

On a more personal note, I’m looking forward to hopefully getting some decent rest in this month. October was hard on my body, y’all. We had my partner’s birthday, my friend’s baby shower, Halloween, an Urgent Care turned ER trip for me, several doctor and imaging appointments, deadlines for the Disabled Witches book and a submission to Rebel Mountain Press’s Disabled Voices anthology, Inktober posting every single day for 31 days in a row, our computer kept trying (and sometimes succeeding) to die on us and take all my work and software with it, a large handful of outings that I usually never make because they’re so draining, and so on. My body.. it cries. lol

My partner’s gonna try to get a whole week off of work later in the month, which I’m really looking forward to. He hasn’t done that since I’ve known him. Almost ten years, y’all, and the man hasn’t had a legitimate vacation in all that time. So I’m really glad he’s finally doing it this year. lol It’ll be nice to have more company than my Roborovski hamster Needle who bites me half the time. xD [amused face]

I’ve also got a couple more followup appointments I need to make and go to for my brain. I’ve been kind of putting off scheduling the imaging because I had thought I was finally finished with them all when I went to the neuro-ophthalmologist last week, but she ordered more tests that I need before I go see my neurologist for a final appointment, and it made me want to cry because I’m so sick of going to doctors and of getting tested a million times. lolsob So I’m gonna try to schedule that soon– maybe when I finish typing this up so I don’t forget.

So that’s what I’ve got for the next few weeks! It’s gonna be busy, so I better get to it! I’m already getting sidetracked by this post when I had been planning to edit product photos instead. lol Thanks for reading; I hope you have a great week, and if you’re also an artist or creator, I wish you luck these next several weeks!