‘No. 20’ by Jessi Eoin

A full photo of a piece by Jessi Eoin; the art is an inked illustration showing a fat person with long hair that's loose except for a small amount tied back in two small rolls that start at their forehead and a large facial birthmark with a few moles on their nose, cheek, and chin. They appear to be sitting and have a large, intricate tattoo on their arms that has a field of flowers and a serpent like creature on it. On the left arm, there a couple of additional smaller birthmarks. The person is staring solemnly at a small living, finned serpent that rests the fore part of its body on her hand with the rest of its body looped onto their arm, into its crook. The tiny serpent has its tiny tongue poking out slightly at the person in a cute way. Also visible is a nose piercing, several earrings, and some stretch marks and crepey skin along their thigh. Jessi's watermark lightly covers the entirety of the work.