‘No. 19’ by Jessi Eoin Mockup

A full photo of a piece by Jessi Eoin; the art is an inked illustration showing a fat mermaid with long flowing hair that floats around them in the water as they swim toward the audience with their arms by their side. They have small gills on the sides of their nose and a finned ear that has several earrings dangling from the it, including a sand dollar earring. There is also a small seashell clamped around the middle of their ear. There are a ton of tiny bubbles all around, giving the appearance of movement of the mermaid through the water. Their tail trails behind them in a slight curve with their fins floating elegantly. Also visible are their breasts and back fat rolls. The photo is stylized with a rose gold frame and a glass vase full of pretty flowers and leaves slightly behind the framed work.