‘No. 18’ by Jessi Eoin

A photo of a piece by Jessi Eoin; the art is an inked illustration showing a fat mermaid with long flowing hair that floats around them in the water as they pose in what looks like a dance. Their head is tilted slightly back with their eyes closed in concentration, and visible is a pair of gills on the side of their neck and an elaborate pointed ear with a delicate looking fin attached to it; this ear/fin is decorated with a set of beaded earrings that connect to one another in two chains from the top of the fin to the bottom of the earlobe. Along their side, there is what looks like a braided accessory emerging from just under their arm and traveling down to near the end of their tail which is thin and slightly lifted behind them. Their arms are up and entwined with a tiny eel looking creature who looks at them curiously. More of the same creatures swim around them in interest. Also visible are their fat rolls, stretch marks across their belly, tiny bubbles all over, and two thin arm bands around their upper arms. The photo is stylized with a light blue background and with a dark purple eucalyptus plant to the left and top of the piece.