‘No. 17’ by Jessi Eoin

A full photo of a piece by Jessi Eoin; the art is an inked illustration showing a fat woman with long, dark flowing hair with macromastia and a large facial birthmark on her left cheek and a smaller one on her right cheek; she is smiling serenely with her eyes closed as she holds her hands up, one cupped beneath the other with the other holding a plant growing from her outstretched palm. She has two twining vine and leaf tattoos that encircle each of her upper arms, and there is a large amount of acne across her breasts, chest, shoulders, and under her chin. Behind her float several soft clouds, and she is encircled by a line that breaks for the clouds. Also visible are her stomach with several large stretch marks on it. Jessi's watermark lightly covers the entirety of the work.

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