‘No. 12 – Grounding’ by Jessi Eoin

A full photo of a piece by Jessi Eoin; the art is an inked illustration showing a fat polygender person with long, flowing hair around xem and crossing xyr body here and there. Xe are grounding (literally, with xyr feet turning into branches that connect with the earth xe stand upon) and look calm with xyr eyes closed and xyr hands by xyr sides; one of xyr hands holds a bunch of flowers that blend in with xyr hair. Xyr breasts, fat rolls, pubic hair, and uncircumsized penis are visible, as well as a number of stretch marks across xyr belly and thighs and a small birthmark just under the left breast on xyr stomach. There are two small flowers growing at the bottom of xyr "roots" where they meet with grass. Jessi's watermark lightly covers the entirety of the work.