‘No. 10’ by Jessi Eoin Mockup B

A full photo of a piece by Jessi Eoin; the art is an inked illustration showing a fat intersex mermaid with huge, flowing hair floating around them in the water, along with a tiny fish friend swimming in their hair. They are smiling in profile and have a prominent nose and a lot of stubble and chest hair. The bottom fish part of their body is raised into what could look like a sitting position, where their breasts are touching behind and their finned hand rests against. Their tail's fin is luxurious and transparent. Also visible are a few bubbles throughout, three other tiny fish friends peeking out around them, and some stretch marks on their side, arm, and the side of their breast. The photo is stylized with a wooden frame sitting on a wooden nightstand next to a bed made with white sheets. There’s a lovely green plant in a clear glass container to the right of the frame, along with a magazine on the top shelf and pair of books on the bottom shelf topped by another small green plant in a white pot.