Movie Night by Jessi Eoin

A 9 inch by 12 inch, black and white illustration titled “Movie Night.” The illustration shows a group of three adults (all fat and all with breasts, but other than that, their genders are all unknown), a baby, and a dog all sitting on the floor in a cozy setting in a living room with a decorated Christmas tree and a lit menorah showing it to be the third night of Hanukkah, filled with a tv playing a holiday movie, framed photos on the wall, a table filled with a bowl of popcorn and drinks, more popcorn in a container next to one of the adults on the floor, and a shaggy rug that matches the shaggy fur of the happy dog. There are long curtains next to the window in the background where the menorah is, and the weather outside is frosty looking. The perspective is from a fifth adult’s view, which is meant to be you, with your legs out in front of you as one friend rests on their back, using one of your legs as a pillow. They are Black and natural hair that’s pulled partly into two cute buns on their head with the rest flowing loose. They’re wearing round glasses and a Happy Holidays sweater with a pair of holly leaves and berries on it, smiling as they look at their phone where the screen shows two people waving happily at them. Their gender presentation is mixed with them having stubble on their chin. Behind them are the other two adults, both laughing together with one person leaning on the other’s knee and the second person putting their hand companionably on the first’s shoulder. The first person is Muslim and Brown, wearing hijab, a sweater with a stripe on it that has a row of stars dancing across it, and a pair of long black pants. The second person is a white person with Apert Syndrome who has long wavy hair and is wearing a cute sweater with a hedgehog wearing a Santa hat on it, a pair of flower earrings, and a pair of loose pants. Their middle and ring fingers are fused together on each hand, and they have a facial difference.The baby is in front of this pair on a checkered blanket that has a brontosaurus dinosaur toy and a teething ring with a lion on top, and they have a head full of fluffy, dark curls and a prominent facial birthmark on their right cheek. They’re wearing a cute, long sleeved top with a stegosaurus on it and a pair of dark leggings. The baby is grinning and crawling hellbent toward the sleeping, unsuspecting fluffy dog in front of them.