2018 Inktober Disabled Witch 28 by Jessi Eoin

A styled photo of an inked illustration by Jessi Eoin of a fat witch in a witch’s hat, surrounded by leaves and cute ghosts and in front of a full moon shape. The illustration shows this person with short, straight hair wearing a breathing therapy mask connected to the machine and a suprepubic catheter strapped to their leg with the tube taped in a spiral to their upper leg. This person has stretch marks, cellulite, body hair, pubic hair, and testicles without a penis. They are smiling at the audience and holding a wand up in their left hand as it points to a jack-o-lantern being held under their right arm. There is a tattoo on their chest of a full moon with one crescent moon on each side of it, and there are a few stars in the background.