A photo of the entrance of BBG where a large plant full of big pink flowers greet you in front of a picturesque scene.

Hello, June! A Trip to Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Man, how is it June already? As I get older, I have a harder and harder time believing how quickly time passes. When I was younger, it felt like time stretched on forever and would never end; now, I feel lucky if I get outdoors in time to see the weather change each season. lol It definitely makes me try more to stop and appreciate the moments of change we get and look for inspiration in those fleeting moments.

I usually try to use the first few weeks of June to go out and explore a little more of the city’s outdoors attractions before it gets blistering hot later on and my fibromyalgia, ME, heat intolerance, asthma, and migraines confine me to air conditioned spaces (read: home lol). It’s great for some fresh air, a little light exercise, and a fresh dose of inspiration and reference photos.

A closer photo of a large group of big pink flowers inside BBG's entrance.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) is one of my favorite spots in the city to go to for a little of all of those. They have free entry before noon on Fridays, which works out perfectly since one of the best times to take photos is early in the morning before the sunlight gets too overwhelming– even better if it’s a cloudy day! I like the early mornings for the general lack of people it typically has, too. lol

A close up photo of three clusters of pink flowers with stamens and with broad green leaves inside the entrance of BBG.

So that’s where I was recently to get some fresh inspiration for today’s blog post! It’s post cherry blossom season now, but there are still loads of gorgeous plants in bloom, including in their indoor conservatories which are fucking phenomenal and I can’t recommend highly enough.

Here are some of the photos I took that day that I thought I’d share with you in anticipation of this month. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed visiting!

A photo from below of a tree's green leaves and dark branches.

A photo of some Japanese wisteria vining up a wooden structure.

A photo from below of some Japanese wisteria growing over a slatted wooden structure.

A photo of an area in BBG where there are a couple of stone columns and seating area, surrounded by lots of green leaves, white flowers, and trees.

A photo of a ton of big, beautiful white flowers that look almost like discs floating on the tree branches and green leaves.

A close up photo of a bunch of white, disc-like flowers and their green leaves.

The white flowers in the three photos above were just breath taking when you came around the corner and saw them all there in a virtual wall of flora. I actually heard one person gasp at how beautiful they were, and I couldn’t agree more. They look like a kind of flower that you hear about in fairy tales hiding a complex palace behind their simple petals, and together with the stone seating area and nearby fountain, it was just beautiful and so inviting.

A photo from below of several trees with lots of green leaves bursting forth from dark branches.

A photo of a small clearing with long, broad green leaves with spiky white flowers here and there, all of them leaning toward the left.

The two photos just above are part of one of my favorite spots inside BBG, and a spot which I think is frankly one of their best: their Native Flora Garden, where they keep only plants that are native to this part of New York. The variety there is truly stunning, and in the awe you feel from the breathtaking beauty this land has to offer in its natural state, it really makes you feel a pang of deep sadness and anger for what this environment and its people could have been if not for colonizers coming and destroying so much. Every time I visit, it’s a very bittersweet moment and an important reminder to prioritize decolonization of what we call the Americas.

A photo of a chipmunk rummaging in the underbrush.

Also, I was delighted to find a chipmunk keeping me company and following me around a little in this special space! What a cutie! This chippy was quick on her feet, too– could barely capture her with my camera! I always feel honored when an animal deigns me of little enough threat to be around. :] [smiley] Can you find her in the photo above?

A photo of several pink roses with yellow and white centers. There is a small bee flying toward one of the flowers.

A photo of a rose bush with bright pink roses, some in bloom, some about to bloom.

A photo of a pink rose on its bush with a round butt bumblebee nestled inside the rose to get at the nectar.

Speaking of tiny critters, the bees were really enjoying the rose garden that day. lol There was a funny moment, too, when I was capturing this little buzzer bumblebutt trying to gather as much pollen as possible. She came flying in under my sight, making a steady, smooth buzzing sound– Bzzzzzzz, and as soon as she landed, she dove right into the petals with what can only be described as utter enthusiasm, and she began making a completely different buzzing sound that at first alarmed me! Her buzzes were short and incredibly rapid– Bztbztbztbztbzt!! “Can bees get stuck in flowers?” I thought with concern. “Should I try to help??”

Almost as soon as I had thought this, she popped right back out and flew to the rose in the photo above, making the same steady, smooth buzzing sound she had made before her landing– Bzzzzzzz. And once again, as soon as she was enveloped by the soft petals, she began enthusiastically buzzing again– Bztbztbztbztbzt! I laughed and took it as a sign that she was just very excited to be getting some food, rather like how I feel when I eat large amounts of chocolate. lol It was a really cute experience.

A photo of a beautiful dark leaved plant with small bunches of white flowers popping up here and there.

A close up photo of a handful of very pale pink flowers with bright green leaves.

I don’t usually visit the rose garden, and in fact, I think this was my first time going in while flowers were in bloom! I didn’t really care for roses until recently when compiling a flower reference document for my work, where I was exposed to just how beautiful they could be– much prettier than the ones I had traditionally been exposed to.

I was grateful to find a bench to rest on– and in such a pretty spot! It had started to really heat up that day, up to the 80’s, which is waaay too hot for my disabled body. lol It’s also pretty difficult to do photography work with my joint pain while juggling a cane and a camera that weighs about as much as my head does, and all of this while dealing with serious sensory issues of all kinds. lol I had to go home shortly after this, but the moment I spent resting here was nice, and it smelled lovely being surrounded by all those flowers!

A photo of Jessi's legs and cane sitting in front of a small patch of very pale pink flowers with bright green leaves and a slightly darker green bush. Jessi is wearing black leggings with a pink floral pattern on them, and their cane is plain black, resting on Jessi's left knee.

A photo of the rose garden inside BBG. There are people walking through its rows in the distance, and the sky is a pale, expansive blue.

A photo of a wooden structure overgrown with a cascade of green leaves in various shapes and sizes. In front, there is a rose bush with pink roses.

A photo of a concrete stairway with a tall tree looming slightly over the path, giving it a tunnel-like effect.

I couldn’t resist taking the stairs in the photo above, even though I knew I would pay for it later (which I did lol). This is another spot I really love that people don’t seem to use as much. I really like the tunnel effect the trees have as they gently loom over the stairs.

A photo of white flowers growing from bright green grass. The flowers look almost like white bluebells.

A photo from below of several trees' green, leafy branches.

As always when I visit BBG, my favorite things to see are always the trees. I’ve always felt a strong connection to these amazing beings, and I feel safer somehow when they’re around, like a protective guardian watching over you with their long, flowing branches. This connection felt all the stronger when I learned more about my ancient Irish ancestors and their spiritual connection to the trees, too; I was grateful to have a spiritual link to share that went back so far and brought me closer to the earth and universe.

A photo from below of a tree's green, leafy branches.

That’s all I have for today, but I’ll be sure to share more another day soon. :] [smiley] One of the things I’m trying to do is make sure I get out to BBG at least once a month so I can share some photos on here with you– and to get some good ol’ vitamin D. lol I’ve always wanted to try to go at least once a month, but it’s so easy to find a reason not to when there’s no pressing deadline, so having this blog is a nice way to try to keep up with that goal. :] [smiley]

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Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day!