A photo of a black and white illustration of a nude, fat person sitting up in bed and typing on a laptop with a sketchbook on their lap and a VogMask on their face. Their eyes are smiling, and they look happy. Their dark, wavy hair has a few streaks of white in it, and it's been braided into a thick braid that spills down onto their leaf-tattooed arm, next to their freckled, acne-riddled skin. They have an assistive bar attached to their bed to help with getting in and out of bed, and there is a nightstand next to them filled with a hodgepodge of items: a lamp, a water bottle, a mug of tea with text that reads "fuck off" on it, a roll of toilet paper with a bit sticking out, a pill caddy, a pair of prescription bottles, a couple of Halls cough drops, a curled up charging wire, an extension cord outlet, and a book titled "Sick" by Porochista Khakpour. On the floor is a fluffy carpet, topped with a striped rug with a pair of fuzzy slippers waiting to be used. Above and behind them are several plants, some hanging and some resting on a deep window shelf where we can see outside past the partially closed blinds to see a curious bird perched on a bird feeder and peering inside with a background of pine trees and cloudy sky. Across the wall is a string of twinkle lights hung haphazardly to provide a bit of cheer next to a framed photo of a pair of people engaging happily with one another.

I’m Gonna Be a Published Artist!

How exciting to finally be able to share with you! 😃 [big smiley]

I’ve been holding on to this until we got a little more info about the book’s production, and with the recent reveal of its cover, I now am happy to announce that I’ve been accepted for publishing in “Disabled Voices,” an anthology edited by sb. smith and to be published by Rebel Mountain Press.

Three of my pieces were accepted for this anthology, including two pieces that are currently for sale in the shop! Those are Cozy Witch, which is also my first award-winning piece, and From Bed, and both are available as the original artwork and as prints.

sb. smith is a disabled writer and artist, whose writing profile you can find on Disabled Writers, a database for finding disabled writers, alongside other distinguished disability advocates and writers such as Vilissa Thompson and Alice Wong. They paired up with Rebel Mountain Press to bring together this anthology of disabled writings and art by disabled people ourselves, and I’m honored to be included in its pages and grateful to sb. for their hard work and dedication to this project. 💕 [hearts]

A photo of the cover of Disabled Voices that features a compilation of paintings done by the artist Shelby Brown. The paintings are all done in rich and vibrant hues, especially featuring bright reds, pinks, oranges, and golds, and textured with a wide variety of things: abstract figures in black paint, strips of computer networking or wiring, colorful buildings outlined in black, a tiny strip of paper with text on it that reads, "CONTENT WARNING: Sexual violence," and other, more abstract textures. At the top is text that reads, "Disabled Voices Anthology" in a white font over a black overlay. At the bottom is more text in the same style that reads, "Edited by sb. smith."
The cover for Disabled Voices

I’m very much looking forward to its release, which is tentatively scheduled for winter of 2020! I hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy of this awesome anthology when it’s released and/or one of their other books that follow a similar vein of “Own Voices” style, including In Our Own Aboriginal Voice and Breaking Boundaries.

I’m so excited that my art will be shared in a compilation about disabled creators by disabled creators. I can only imagine how many people it will reach, but I feel greatly honored and grateful to be included. I hope that my work will be a source of positive representation of disabled, fat, and queer people for people who are marginalized in these ways themselves. 😭💕 [crying face with two hearts]

Anywho, that’s all for today! Hope you’re having a wonderful day, and thanks so much for reading! 💕 [hearts]