From Bed Jessi Eoin

A photo of a black and white illustration of a nude, fat person sitting up in bed and typing on a laptop with a sketchbook on their lap and a VogMask on their face. Their eyes are smiling, and they look happy. Their dark, wavy hair has a few streaks of white in it, and it's been braided into a thick braid that spills down onto their leaf-tattooed arm, next to their freckled, acne-riddled skin. They have an assistive bar attached to their bed to help with getting in and out of bed, and there is a nightstand next to them filled with a hodgepodge of items: a lamp, a water bottle, a mug of tea with text that reads "fuck off" on it, a roll of toilet paper with a bit sticking out, a pill caddy, a pair of prescription bottles, a couple of Halls cough drops, a curled up charging wire, an extension cord outlet, and a book titled "Sick" by Porochista Khakpour. On the floor is a fluffy carpet, topped with a striped rug with a pair of fuzzy slippers waiting to be used. Above and behind them are several plants, some hanging and some resting on a deep window shelf where we can see outside past the partially closed blinds to see a curious bird perched on a bird feeder and peering inside with a background of pine trees and cloudy sky. Across the wall is a string of twinkle lights hung haphazardly to provide a bit of cheer next to a framed photo of a pair of people engaging happily with one another.