Fight Where You’re Able (And Don’t Forget Your Meds)

A grayscale illustration done with ink that shows a first person perspective of a home bound, disabled person sitting up in bed. In front of "you" is your right hand holding a few pieces of medication and a water bottle that you're opening with your left hand. In front of you, the room shows a lot of activity going on. First is a laptop on your lap on a lap desk, opened up to show a Twitter feed where tweets from users Crutches and Spice and No New Jails are visible under your own draft tweet that reads, "Fight where you're able and don't forget your meds," a photo editing program with a "Crip the Vote" design, and two messaging boxes where you're communicating with two comrades relying on you to take messages about shortages and convey them to other team members. Under the laptop is a pair of papers, the one on top showing a list titled "Community Action!" The list reads, "This Week's Needs: 1. On Saturday, we need a volunteer to host a sign making meeting for a protest on Wednesday. 2. On Friday night, we need a volunteer to host a meal prep session for Sunday's protestors." There is more text shown underneath that's cut off from view. Also on your lap are a pencil, a pair of earbuds plugged into the computer's jack, and a pill caddy showing that the day is Monday. There's another piece of paper that reads, "Call Your Reps! Don't Let Up!" The list shows more text that reads, "Fucking Max Rose 202-225-3371 (D.C), Schumer 202-224-6542 (D.C.), as well as Gillibrand and Cuomo, whose phone numbers are blocked by the sight of your hand. There are a couple more reps listed whose name and numbers are not visible. Under that is more text that is mostly cut off but is speaking about demanding climate action now and rejecting fossil fuels. To the right of your laptop is a mouse and a small piece of paper with writing on it that lists, "1. e-mail and call reps 2. crip the vote graphic 3. meal prep for event on Friday 4. contact point on Monday." Attached to the webcam portion of your laptop's screen is a device holding up your smartphone which is showing you a live feed of the protest that you're serving as a contact point for. A friend is holding the camera up to show you the crowd with an outstretched arm. Your bed shows you have two guardrails, one on each side, and a blanket that covers everything but your socked feet. In the rest of the room, there are a few dresser drawers filled with various items such as folded clothes, blankets, books, and art supplies. One drawer sports a sticker that reads, "Resist." On top of the dressers are a potted pilea peperomioides plant, a lacrosse ball and a stretch band for PT exercises, a small storage box, a folded Access Is Love sweater, and a framed photo of two people standing together, one using a cane and one throwing their arm around that person lovingly. In between the dressers are a couple of really big snake plants, and in the far top right corner, there is a cane leaning against a wall, and part of a wheelchair is showing off to the side. Finally, there are several large windows in your room with the curtains raised, showing view of great big bushes, and a large tree, as well as a pair of birds sitting on a bird feeder.