Commission Guidelines

Commissions are temporarily closed for the holiday season and New Year! Check back soon for updates.

Hello! Thank you for your interest in commissioning me for your piece! Let me share a little of how I work with you on a project. Also, please note that commissions are only for artwork and not for photography, thanks!

With a commission, I like to figure out the details of your project first to make sure we’re a good fit for your needs. Once we’ve settled on the details and price, I’ll send you a contract with the details of our agreement for you to read, sign, and send back to me. Once I send you notice that I’ve received your signed contract and accept it, you’ll have ten business days to submit the payment to me in full. All commission payments are nonrefundable and due upfront in full before I begin working on the commissioned piece.

Once I receive your full payment, I’ll begin working on your piece. I will research your subject if necessary, maybe ask you a few more questions via e-mail, and then spend time sketching out ideas or rough drafts for you to look over before I make it permanent with ink, paint, etc. I’ll include three rounds of pencil revisions in each commission that I’ll e-mail to you. This is usually plenty to accommodate most commissions, but if you need additional ones, I offer two more revisions at an additional fee that is dependent on the complexity and size of your project. These additional revisions are the final ones I accept, and payment will need to be provided in full before I continue on with them. If I don’t receive a reply from you confirming your acceptance of any of the latest drafts within 2 business days and/or if I don’t receive the remaining payment for revisions on time, I will finish the work based on the last agreed upon rough draft.

Once the piece is finished, I will either e-mail you the file if it’s a digital piece, or I will mail it to you via the United States Postal Service if it’s a physical one.

I accept two types of commissions– personal, such as for wall art, and commercial, such as using on merchandise or for branding:

For information about personal commissions, please check out my Personal Commissions page.

For information about commissioning artwork to sell merchandise with or to use for your business, please check out my Commercial Commissions page.