Commercial Commissions

Hello! Thank you for your interest in commissioning some commercial artwork with me! Here are the guidelines for what I accept as commercial commissions. Please be sure to read through this information thoroughly before e-mailing me your commission inquiry.


I create commissioned artwork with traditional mediums, but it can be edited to become digital afterward in certain cases. Please include in your inquiry e-mail whether you will be wanting a physical or digital piece. Prior to beginning any work, I require non refundable payment in full upfront for all commissions, along with the signing of a contract which I will provide you with once we figure out the details of your request. You are responsible for reading and understanding any and all terms in the contract prior to signing, and you will be held to those terms indefinitely, so please be certain to read the contract carefully before signing and submitting payment. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the terms, too!

The time I require for creating, editing, printing if applicable, and shipping commissions will vary in the length, so please be sure to let me know if you have a specific deadline to meet in your inquiry e-mail.

Important Note on Ownership

When you commission any work with me, you are not paying for and therefore will not own the rights to that work. I, as the artist, retain all rights to the work, including reproduction and distribution, unless we otherwise agree in writing in the relevant contract. This is true even if you license the work from me once it’s been commissioned.


I accept payment for commissioned works via direct payments or Stripe online or in cash if you’re local to Brooklyn, NY; all payments for commissioned work are non refundable and are required to be paid in full before I beginning working on your piece, including gathering any materials unique to your commissioned work. I must receive the full amount of payment no later than ten business days after I receive your signed contract; if you don’t send the payment before the deadline or if the payment isn’t cleared to my bank account in time, the commission will be cancelled without refund, and you will owe $75.00 as a cancellation fee which will be due five business days after the cancellation date, no later than fifteen business days after I receive your signed contract.

Please keep in mind the processing times required by your method of payment if you are submitting payment through their services; if you submit the full payment on the 9th business day after I receive the contract, that may not be enough time for the payment to be cleared and deposited into my bank account, so be sure to provide yourself plenty of time for the payment to clear processing and be deposited into my account.

In order to avoid any delay, I recommend that you pay immediately upon my confirmation that I have received your signed contract. If you know you won’t have the funds to submit for payment until a later date, I would suggest that you not send me the signed contract until you’re sure you’re able to provide the payment– and give me a heads up! These fees and non refundables are largely there to keep people from wasting my time with requests they have no intention of following through with, not to rip you off.

I will not accept any payment prior to my receipt of your signed contract. If I have not confirmed in writing that I have received and accepted your signed contract, please do not submit payment for the commissioned work.

My prices for commissions will vary based on the complexity, size, quantity, and additional requirements of your requested piece, but all commission prices start at a minimum of $100.00; this is non-negotiable.

Commission Types

I accept commissions for both personal and commercial use. Please see the relevant sections below to see what your commission counts as.

Personal Use

Personal use is defined as anything that you use for just yourself without the intention of selling or otherwise obtaining profit/income. Examples would be commissioning a piece for you to print once for your home, to order a personalized notebook for yourself or a friend as a gift, to get a tattoo for yourself, or to use as a non-commercialized website where you do not accept any revenue in any form such as a personal blog’s avatar, etc.

Things that are not defined as personal use are as an image for your blog that provides you some form of income at any level (ad revenue, sponsored posts, etc.) regardless of the amount of income, as an image for a news article you authored for a school/news organization/tumblr post/etc., as an image for personalizing more than three products such as the notebooks mentioned above, as an image for your business’s profile or cover art on any website, and so on. If you have any confusion about what constitutes as personal use of my work, send me an e-mail letting me know your intentions for a commissioned piece, and I’ll let you know if that qualifies as personal or commercial use.

Commercial Use

Commercial use is defined as anything that you use with the intention of selling, whether or not you make a profit, or as part of your work/brand, which includes freelancers.  For example, if you commission a piece intending to sell it on a series of stationery you manufacture, then you will be considered commissioning commercial use work, regardless of whether or not you ever sell the product and regardless of whether or not you receive any profit from the product.

Examples of commercial use of my work include, but are not limited to, using a piece as a cover for your business’s social media profile, as a profile/avatar photo on any sites you run as a business or receive income from, as an accompanying image for an article you submit to Buzzfeed/HuffPost/etc., as an image for your blog post from which you receive revenue (either from that post or the blog overall), as an image for any products you produce yourself or have manufactured elsewhere, thank you cards and other stationery, and so on. If you have any questions about whether or not your intended plans for this commissioned work count as commercial use, send me an e-mail detailing all of your plans for this planned work, and I can let you know if it meets the requirements for commercial use.

If you are wanting a commissioned piece for commercial use, you will be required to sign both a commission contract and a licensing contract, so please be sure to check out my Licensing Guidelines page.

What I Will Not Create

I will not accept commissions for any works that include imagery and/or text that meets the following criteria:

  • Pieces that are hateful, violent, or oppressive toward any marginalized groups
  • Pieces that are, by my judgement, pornographic in nature, violent, gory, or otherwise obscene
  • Pieces that depict underage children
  • Pieces that depict animal abuse/torture
  • Pieces that deliberately replicates or plagiarizes another artist or artist style
  • Pieces that are fan art or any art that deliberately replicates or plagiarizes a character created by an artist, author, company, etc.
  • Pieces that don’t align with my brand, reputation, or style (for example, if you want me to draw an architectural scene or cars as a standalone)

I also reserve the right to refuse to accept commissions for any pieces that make me uncomfortable or violate my personal values or code of ethics.


Please note that legally I cannot enter into any contracts or agreements with anyone who is not of age in the state they reside in. I personally feel this violates youth rights, but unfortunately, I won’t do much good to anyone sitting in jail for doing something against the law or being denied payment because an agreement is unenforceable when a parent refuses to pay for what a minor has signed. So please know that if you are under the age of majority in your state or country, your parent or legal guardian must be the person who signs this contract, and they will be the sole person responsible for upholding the terms of the agreement. Make sure to check your state’s (or country’s) age of majority; in some cases, it’s older than the U.S. federal requirement of 18 years old. For United States residents, you can check this out by going to FindLaw’s State Legal Ages Laws page.

Parents and legal guardians, I would like to take this moment to remind you that you cannot legally require your underage child to pay you back for anything you sign or agree to on their behalf, so if you would like to try to force your child into an unlawful agreement because you signed a lawful one with me acknowledging your responsibility to the terms, I’m not the person to do business with, and I recommend you look elsewhere for your desires.

Contact Me!

Yay! You made it through all that! Thanks for taking the time to read these important notes, and if you feel we’re a good fit for your commercial commissioning needs, please feel free to e-mail me at or fill out the form below. I look forward to working with you!

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