Page one of the comic the (tiny) friend by Jessi Eoin. The color palette is bright and colorful. The main character is a tiny, fluffy, old, purple fairy whose body looks like a ball of fluff with chubby arms and legs, wrinkles on her face, and pink cheeks. She has a puffy braid that floats behind her, and she floats around in the air. Panel 1: The fairy peeks out from behind a tree, noticing a dandelion ready to bloom in the distance. Panel 2: She flies over to the bud, a speech bubble with a heart coming from her. The bud is green with yellow tips and white fluff at the top. She looks happy to see it. Panel 3: She then notices how many buds there are, without a single flower. A speech bubble reads, "..." to indicate hesitance, and sweat drops appear on her head. Panel 4: She uses her magic to make a dandelion bloom, straining as she does so. Panel 5: She floats from bud to bud, using her magic to flower multiple buds, growing more and more tired from the effort as she does so. The sun in the background slowly sets.

the (tiny) friend

Tiny friends help each other with big problems! A micro comic about an old fairy and her dandelion duties. 

4 page comic

A purple and pink comic panel showing a bookshop called The Nose Inn, decorated for Halloween. A shadow of a tall figure with a broad hat looms large against the front door.

Sheryl Doesn’t Work Weekends: A Hard Lesson Learned for an Aspergillus Fae

A 48 page work in progress about a middle aged changeling and her crew of fae-fighting badasses protecting humans from multilevel marketing schemes

Cosplay by Jessi Eoin: a colorful comic using shades of blue, purple, and pink with pops of yellow throughout. The top two panels start as blue, morph into purple during the magical transformation, and turn to pink in the final panel. Panel 1: Jessi looks left with a neutral facial expression as someone off panel says, "Oh, hey, Jessi, do you cosplay?" Jessi replies, "Hey!" Panel 2: Jessi facing a trio of people who are drawn extremely simply with very few features to them beyond basic shapes, ears, mouth, and eyes. Jessi says, "Oh yeah, all the time!" One of the people says, "Really? Who do you go as?" with a smile. The right hand side of the panel begins to turn into a purple background and shimmer with yellow, purple, and blue stars as it leads into the next panel. Panel 3: The panel shows Jessi in the middle, looking even rounder than normal, transforming a lá mahou shoujo style. There are four circular focus panels surrounding them. They're drawn in shades of pink with accents of blue, wearing a flowing dress with frills and ribbons, gloves, and puff ball-topped shoes. Streaks of light purple and yellow swirl with stars behind them, giving it a magical effect. Jessi says, "Despite all the odds, I dedicate my life daily to the art of cosplay with--" The first circular panel shows Jessi's hand holding a star-capped wand with text underneath that reads, "Magic!" The second one shows Jessi's hand now wearing a glove with text underneath that reads, "Determination!" The third shows a waving skirt with a ribbon with text underneath that reads, "Love!" The final one shows a close up of Jessi's face with makeup on with text underneath that reads, "Imagination!" Underneath these circular panels and Jessi are the trio of people looking up with awe with one saying, "Oh! Who could it be?" and another saying, "Wow! So cool!" Jessi ends the panel saying, "Through these powers combined, I become--!" Panel 4: Jessi is eating a slice of pizza, looking completely normal as the trio of people look at them with mixed emotions ranging from annoyance to unimpressed. The final text reads, "A lactose tolerant human."


Every day can be cosplay if you try hard enough

1 page comic

Page one of a mini comic titled "A Long Eviction." The color palette is of desaturated purples. Panel 1: A fat, nude figure (Jessi) with long wavy hair pulled out all around them stands with their arms clutched to their chest. Text in boxes around them read, "I... don't feel like I'm a good person. Sometimes I think I am, but mostly... I think I'm a bad person." Panel 2: Jessi sitting in front of their computer, speaking with someone with curly hair on the monitor. Text reads, "I'm in therapy, but it's still hard." Panel 3: Jessi's hand illustrating Panel 1. Text reads, "Even as  I draw this, I think...." Panel 4: Three thought bubbles with text that read, "You just want attention. You just want people to feel sorry for you. No one will like this because they know you're a bad person."

A Long Eviction

An autobiographical comic about finding ways to deal with anxiety and trauma

4 page comic

A colorful comic by Jessi Eoin titled "Fairy Tales for Adults." The title is on a yellow banner in a fancy script font. There are pink and purple roses around the banner, and there's a border around the whole page in purple with leaves and decorative elements. The color palette is comprised of blues and purple with pops of yellows, pinks, orange red, and greens. There are nine panels, each showing a different fairy tale. Panel 1: "Owning a Home" shows a cozy home set in between trees behind a white picket fence with a blue mailbox. Panel 2: "Pinterest" shows a laptop open to Pinterest with lots of pins showing beauty, diy, and home categories. Panel 3: "Retirement" shows an old white woman on a beach chair under a colorful umbrella. She looks happy and relaxed. Panel 4: "Inbox at Zero" shows a phone open to the email app with zero messages. Panel 5: "We're a Family" shows three ominous, backlit figures smiling creepily and saying, "You don't need a union." Panel 6: "Protect and Serve" shows a white cop in uniform, grinning malevolently with his face half in shadow. Panel 7: "Health 'care'" shows a uniformed doctor wearing a pink surgical mask, a heart with the words "We care" on it, a stethoscope, and an ID that says, "Dr. Dick." Panel 8: "Justice for All" shows justice scales cast in shadows that look like prison bar.s Panel 9: "This Shit" shows a USA flag flying on a flag pole against a blue sky with the sun and a few clouds.

Fairy Tales for Adults

A one page comic about the fairy tales told to adults in the U.S., especially of the pale variety

1 page comic

A seven page wordless comic titled Starved by Jessi Eoin. The color palette is in faded hues of blue, green, white, black, and muted yellow. Page 1. Panel 1: An endless grassy landscape stretches into the distance with large clouds casting shadows on the land as they glide by. The title of the comic and Jessi's name appear at the top in a handwritten font. Panel 2: A smaller panel at the bottom shows a lone figure walking in the distance.


A fantastical, autobiographical comic exploring the experience of touch starvation

7 page comic

Comic titled Day Off by Jessi Eoin. There are six panels, largely done in shades of light blue and white. The top panel shows the title and credits written on a steaming mug. The next panel shows Jessi taking a sip from their mug with a happy look and their eyes closed. Next to them text reads, "Ahhh~" with a heart under it. The next panel shows Jessi smiling and sitting with their mug in their hand and text next to them that reads, "Finally time to relax." The next panel shows Jessi in the same position, now looking slightly strained as two small green hands appear behind them, reaching out toward them. The next panel shows Jessi in the same position, looking considerably more strained as they ignore the green hands getting closer. The final panel shows Jessi in the same position, looking very strained and eying the arms that now stretch out around them. The arms extend from a giant green jello fruit salad monster that stares at Jessi expectantly and intensely. The various fruits inside have been labeled with white text: blog, art, news, portfolio, newsletter, patreon, social life, moving, admin, comics, and volunteering.

Day Off

A one page comic about a day off for an anxious person

1 page comic

A black and white comic with four, slightly overlapping panels that start as a square at the top and gradually turn into a circle on the bottom. There's text at the top right that reads, "Gardening. Jessi Eoin." There's an illustration of a watering can underneath it that sprinkles water over some seedlings. To the left of the panels, there's an elaborate drawing of a long flower with multiple blooms all up and down the stem. The panels show Jessi, a fat white AFAB person with shoulder-length hair as they walk through the steps of medically transitioning and growing a beard on their face. The first panel shows Jessi looking at their face in the mirror, hand to cheek. The second panel shows them using a watering can to water their face. The word "water" is written next to them. The third panel shows Jessi sprinkling seeds on their face with the word "seeds" written next to them. The fourth and final panel shows Jessi with longer hair now and a beard as they make a heart with their hands and look up, smiling. The word "glow" is written next to them with some sparkles.


A one page autobio comic about transitioning

1 page comic

The title "New Garden by Jessi Eoin" is overlaid on a scene showing a fat person (Jessi) with very short hair walking over a grassy hill of flowers, walking toward and waving hi to a group of people in the distance relaxing and hanging out near a group of trees on a blanket. The people wave back. Text boxes that indicate a narration voice reads, "The year I became severely disabled, my whole world changed in every way... almost overnight. I'd always been disabled, but..." The scene progresses to show the friends and Jessi up close, goofing off and smiling, a friend leaning on Jessi's shoulder with a speech bubble above the friend showing Z's for sleep as Jessi looks at the friend and says, "heh." Another friend is behind them both, smiling mischievously while raising their arms up as if to surprise the people. Suddenly, Jessi looks alarmed, and then they grab themselves in a hug, saying "Owwww! FUCK! Owww!" as another person says, "You ok?" and as their friend's head suddenly drops off Jessi's shoulder from the sudden movement. The final narration box on the page is against a black background and reads, "...this was much different."

New Garden

A fantastical, autobiographical comic exploring coming to terms with being disabled in an ableist world

7 page comic