Jessi Eoin, body positive artist and illustrator, standing in a green, grassy field while smiling widely and holding a handful of the long grass. Jessi has shoulder length brown hair and is wearing a black t-shirt and floral, calf length leggings.

Jessi Eoin, whose last name is pronounced like “Owen,” is a body positive artist whose work focuses primarily on representing fat and disabled bodies in celebratory ways. They live in Brooklyn, New York, on the occupied and unceded land of the Canarsie, Lenape, Delaware, and Montauk people who have stewarded this land for generations. Recognizing the need in the respective communities for positive representations of both, but especially for disabled people, they make it a point to explore the beauty of the concept “Disability is normal,” creating a unique space in the illustration industry for prominently and unabashedly featuring fat and disabled people.

Highly influenced by nature and femme aesthetics, Jessi frequently includes these elements in their pieces to bring a sense of naturalness and spirituality to their work, truly evoking the notion that disability, as well as fatness, is normal, beautiful, and something to be celebrated.

You can learn more about Jessi by visiting their Artist FAQ page.