A photo of a tree branch with lots of white flowers blossoming on it.

A Merry May Adventure

It’s nearly time to bid farewell to May! Are you ready for summer?? I know I’m not! lol Heat and my fibromyalgia are not friends, so I’m soaking in the last few days of this lovely spring weather while it lasts. I have all my windows open, catching the breeze on my curtain in the daylight, letting in bird song (and pollen lol), and it feels very peaceful and calm here.

I’m still getting in the swing of this blogging and art business thing. The making art part is pretty easy for me to return to, but I need some practice on my blogging and social media-ing and all the other business ends of being a working artist. I’ve been working my butt off for the last six months building this website and pulling together all the resources I need to get it up and running, so when my partner and I got a chance for a day outing away from the city a couple of weeks ago, I was really excited to have a bit of a break and to collect some nature goodies to bring home for photos and such (definitely not because I like to squirrel natural items around the home– not at all, no!).

Working on art is kind of a study of these moments of adventure and breaks from the norm in a way. I definitely feel more primed to make art when I’ve been out doing and trying new things, even if it’s just something as simple as going out to see friends at a new cafe. Something about that break in routine sparks a bit of excitement, some new idea that wouldn’t have occurred to me otherwise. It makes me feel alive in a different way, and that feeling makes my hand itch to make something new, too.

A photo of a heavily wooded area in the distance with a lot of light gray, cloudy sky. There is a hint of blue in the background.
An overlook in New Jersey

This month, my partner and I decided we would go on a day trip somewhere out of the city. We agreed that I would pick the place, and he’d get to pick the food (since we knew I would be choosing something outdoors, which he’s not the biggest fan of lol). I chose a place called Lost River Caverns in Hellertown, PA, and he chose a place called The Bayou in Bethlehem, PA, and I gotta say– we are excellent pickers. lol We had a fantastic day! The trip was awesome, the cavern was cool (literally and figuratively), the company was wonderful, and the food was delicious, especially after a long day of driving, hiking around, and being in the rain.

A photo of a tree branch with lots of white flowers blossoming on it.

It was really nice to be surrounded by so much greenery and oxygen and earth. Living in Brooklyn, you can imagine we don’t get a whole lot of that. lol Waze gave us the prettiest route we could have asked for, winding along roads lined with blossoming trees and tall grasses. We stopped at a few places that looked pretty on the way, like an overlook off the highway in New Jersey and a waterfront Scott Park in Easton, PA, snapping some photos of ourselves and things we liked, and it was refreshing to just play after months of working on this site. It was an energizing trip for both of us.

A photo of Jessi in Scott Park in Easton, PA, standing in front of a small waterfall with a bridge in the distance. Jessi is wearing a black t-shirt with floral leggings that cut off at the knee, and they are holding their left hand up to shield their eyes from the light while they smile broadly for the camera..
Scott Park, Easton, PA
A photo of the inside of a cave where a tour is taking place with a small group of people.
Inside Lost River Caverns, Hellertown, PA

My favorite moment, though, was stumbling upon this beautiful field in Bethlehem, PA, at a place called Monocacy Park. It was filled with tall green grass and interspersed with tiny wildflowers and surrounded by tall, gently swaying trees. It was raining lightly, so the park was empty, the air was thick with oxygen and the scent of spring, and it just felt absolutely magical. As the rain intensified, I collected some of that beautiful, long grass and a few other plants to dry for photos, took a little hike around the back area where I saw a train track surrounded by more blooming trees and whistling birds, and then made my way back to the car soaking wet, grateful I had brought a sweater to change into for our delicious dinner.

A photo of Jessi standing in a field of long, green grass with trees in the distance. They appear to be holding some plants in their hand while smiling for the camera.
Monocacy Park, Bethlehem, PA
A photo of a big burger and fries on a plate on a wooden table. The burger has a giant fried egg on it that looks delicious.
Delicious burger with duck egg at The Bayou

When we finally hauled our tired and aching bodies back home, driving through pouring rain, it was with a car filled with swinging plants hung up for drying, bellies stuffed to the brim with good food, and a sense of our merry adventure fulfilled. Even though I paid tremendously for it with my fibromyalgia the next several days, I wouldn’t trade it. It was so worth it to go out there and have a fun, playful adventure in the rain! And I definitely feel super inspired by that trip for work, too: I’m imagining how I can incorporate all those gorgeous plants and rocks I saw into my illustrations. It’s gonna be fun!

Here’s to the upcoming month of June– may it be just as fun as May and filled with even more merry adventures and inspired artwork!

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Hope you have a wonderful rest of the month and thanks for reading!