Hidden by Jessi Eoin

A photo of a black and white illustration of a person with long, kinky hair lying in bed with a wrist brace on, blanket pulled up to their face, exposing just their hand resting on their pillow and their eyes, fast asleep. To their left is an air humidifier going and billowing soft clouds of water vapor into the air that floats toward them slightly. On the floor is a thin carpet, topped with a very fluffy rug under their bed; spilled over the rug and carpet are a pair of used socks, a smartphone that looks like it fell out of their hand while sleeping, a sweater with a spoon on it, and a pair of shorts crumpled at the foot of the bed. There's a tall bookshelf across from the bed, where lie several books on multiple shelves, a plant whose leaves cascade down, some storage boxes, and a large amethyst geode that serves as a planter for a succulent. Behind the shelves is a potted snake plant resting on a three-legged stool with a lacrosse ball at the base of its legs. Leaning against the wall and under the heavily curtained window, there is a cane, and above that, partially hidden by the curtains, is another potted plant, sitting in the window sill where we can see a flurry of rain or snow out the window. A single line of stringed twinkle lights is hung in a romantic, casual way, and they're glowing softly. Finally, tucked behind the bed on the right, is a large fiddle leaf fig tree, peeking out from the edges of the illustration and reaching toward the window. Everything in the piece is partially hidden by something else in the piece, a reference to the illustration's theme of "Invisible Illness."