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52 New Comics and Graphic Novels for September 2023

With each new month comes fresh new reads being published! Here are 52 new comics and graphic novels for September 2023, perfect for cozying up for the fall season. Don’t forget to take a look at the bottom of the page for some recommendations for where to get your hands on these titles!


Illustrator: Jillian Tamaki, she/her

Writer: Mariko Tamaki, she/her

Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

Publish Date: September 1, 2023

Pages: 444

ISBN13: 9781770464339

Spring Break, 2009: Five days, three friends, and one big city.

Roaming marks a triumphant return to the graphic novel and deft foray into new adult fiction for Caldecott Medal-winning authors Jillian Tamaki (Boundless) and Mariko Tamaki (Cold).

Over the course of a much-anticipated trip to New York, an unexpected fling blossoms between casual acquaintances and throws a long-term friendship off-balance. Emotional tensions vibrate wildly against the resplendently illustrated backdrop of the city, capturing a spontaneous queer romance in all of its fledgling glory.

Slick attention to the details of a bustling, intimidating metropolis are softened with a palette of muted pastels, as though seen through the eyes of first-time travelers. The awe, wonder, and occasional stumble along the way all come to life with stunning accuracy in this sumptuous softcover with gorgeous jacket.

Roaming is the third collaboration from the critically acclaimed team behind Skim and Governor General’s Literary Award winner This One Summer. Moody, atmospheric, and teeming with life, the magic of this comics duo leaks through the pages with lush and exquisite pen work. The Tamakis’ singular, elegant vision of an urban paradise slowly revealing its imperfections to the tune of its visitors’ rhythms is a masterpiece–a future classic for generations to come.”

Cover for the comic Saving Sunshine by Shazleen Khan and Saadia Faruqi

Saving Sunshine

Illustrator: Shazleen Khan, no pronouns

Writer: Saadia Faruqi, she/her

Publisher: First Second, imprint of MacMillan

Publish Date: September 5, 2023

Pages: 224

ISBN13: 9781250793805

From Saadia Faruqi and Shazleen Khan comes a relatable, funny, and heart-wrenchingly honest graphic novel about Muslim American siblings who must learn how to stop fighting and support each other in a world that is often unkind.

It’s hard enough being a kid without being teased for a funny sounding name or wearing a hijab.

It’s even harder when you’re constantly fighting your sibling—and Zara and Zeeshan really can’t stand each other. During a family trip to Florida, when the bickering, shoving, and insults reach new heights of chaos, their parents sentence them to the worst possible fate— each other’s company! But when the twins find an ailing turtle, it presents a rare opportunity for teamwork—if the two can put their differences aside at last.”

Cover for the comic Wildfire by Breena Bard


Illustrator + Writer: Breena Bard, she/her

Publisher: Little, Brown Ink, imprint of Hachette Book Group

Publish Date: September 5, 2023

Pages: 288

ISBN13: 9780316277655

An inspiring and moving graphic novel, Wildfire follows climate change through the eyes of one middle-school girl, who’s eager to turn her anger into action.

Julianna loved her life in rural Oregon.

She loved taking care of her farm animals and being part of her local 4H club. But then the unthinkable happened…a wildfire destroyed her family’s home.

In the aftermath, her family relocated to Portland, Oregon, where Julianna hopes to put everything behind her. Believing the fire to be the result of kids playing with fireworks, she certainly isn’t interested when her parents and younger sister start getting involved in the growing climate change protests.

All she wants to do is move on, but that becomes near impossible when Carson, an old friend from her hometown who may have had a hand in starting the wildfire, is suddenly back in her life. Julianna can’t seem to catch a break, but when two new friends invite her to join their school’s conservation club, she learns that maybe she can turn her anger into something powerful.

Emotional and inspiring, Wildfire shows readers that healing from tragedy can take many forms and demonstrates what it means to take action in the face of climate change—and how that action can be different for each of us.”

Cover for the comic Dark Spaces Good Deeds #4 by Kelsey Ramsay and Che Grayson

Dark Spaces: Good Deeds, Issue #4

Illustrator: Kelsey Ramsay, she/her

Writer: Che Grayson, they/them

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Publish Date: September 6, 2023

Pages: Not provided

UPC: 82771403135500411

“Jean takes drastic measures to ramp up her investigation into St. Augustine’s recent murders, and the community shows signs of cracking under pressure when an unexpected protester disrupts final rehearsal of the upcoming anniversary ceremonies. Cheyenne suspects even more secrets under the surface, but how many skeletons can one small town hide?

Cover for the comic Swan Songs #3 by Filipe Andrade and W. Maxwell Prince

Swan Songs, Issue #3

Illustrator: Filipe Andrade, he/him

Writer: W. Maxwell Prince, he/him

Publisher: Image Comics

Publish Date: September 6, 2023

Pages: Not Provided

UPC: 70985303784200311

Lunar Code: 0723IM393


W. MAXWELL PRINCE’s traversal into the totally terminal trudges forward with all-star artist FILIPE ANDRADE (The Many Deaths of Laila Starr)!

The atomic clock hit zero, and the world was forever changed…

Here, our demolished planet’s would-be Adam and Eve try to create a new Eden in the nuclear aftermath…but some things simply weren’t meant to be.

Drawn in exquisite colored pencils, this is another of our lives’ loud, lonesome SWAN SONGS.

Cover for the comic Drawn to Change the World: 16 Youth Climate Activists, 16 Artists Edited by Emma Reynolds

Drawn to Change the World: 16 Youth Climate Activists, 16 Artists: Graphic Novel Collection

Editor: Emma Reynolds, she/her

Publisher: HarperAlley, imprint of HarperCollins

Publish Date: September 12, 2023

Pages: 208

ISBN13: 9780063084216

The climate crisis is reaching a critical tipping point—and you might have heard of the countless amazing young people who are taking action and speaking up for change.

Emma Reynolds shines a spotlight on sixteen incredible youth activists from around the world who are fighting to protect the planet and all life on Earth. From Autumn Peltier campaigning for clean water to Edgar Edmund Tarimo turning plastic waste into building materials—and many more—these inspiring true stories highlight the importance of taking charge and creating change.

Beautifully illustrated by sixteen different artists and accompanied by facts and pictures that explain the science, Drawn to Change the World is for anyone who wants to learn more about the climate and nature crisis and what we can do about it, with extensive front matter and back matter materials.

You are not too young and you are not too old to begin. We need everyone to help with the biggest challenge the human race has ever faced. We can do this if we work together.

For after all, change starts with you!”

Cover for the comic Liberated: The Radical Art and Life of Claude Cahun by Kaz Rowe

Liberated: The Radical Art and Life of Claude Cahun

Illustrator + Writer: Kaz Rowe, they/them

Publisher: Getty Publications, imprint of Abrams Books

Publish Date: September 12, 2023

Pages: 96

ISBN13: 9781947440074

Illustrator Kaz Rowe’s graphic biography Liberated: The Radical Art and Life of Claude Cahun, reveals how the creative and courageous Surrealist artist championed freedom at every turn, from rejecting gender norms and finding queer love to risking death to sabotage the Nazis.

At the turn of the 20th century in Nantes, France, Lucy Schwob met Suzanne Malherbe, and lightning struck. The two became partners both artistically and romantically and transformed themselves into the creative personas Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore. Together, the couple embarked on a radical journey of Surrealist collaboration that would take them from conservative provincial France to the vibrancy of 1920s Paris to the oppression of Nazi-occupied Jersey during World War II, where they used art to undermine the Nazi regime.

Cahun and Moore challenged gender roles and championed freedom at a time when strict societal norms meant that the truth of their relationship had to remain secret. Featuring 10 photographs by Cahun and Moore, this graphic biography by cartoonist Kaz Rowe brings Cahun’s inspiring story to life.”

Cover for the comic Night and Dana by Anya Davidson

Night and Dana

Illustrator + Writer: Anya Davidson, she/they

Publisher: Graphic Universe, imprint of Lerner Publishing Group

Publish Date: September 12, 2023

Pages: 240

ISBN13: 978-1-7284-3036-2

A creative coming-of-age story for the climate-change generation

Dana Drucker fights boredom in her Florida beach town by crafting special-effects makeup—the more gruesome, the better. But when a messy prank with Dana’s best friend Lily gets the wrong kind of attention, the girls have two choices: find a new creative outlet or leave high school without graduating.

To save their shot at diplomas, Dana and Lily join a community college film class. It gives Dana a chance to keep practicing her monster makeup, as she and Lily start work on a horror movie inspired by local ocean warming. And a search for filming locations puts Dana in the path of Daphne Ocean, an activist and self-proclaimed water witch—the perfect kind of inspiring outsider. But when filming starts, Dana finds herself growing apart from Lily, who doesn’t seem to need her closest friend much anymore.

Soon, tempers are flaring, and Dana’s pushing away old friends and her new mentor. But as everything starts going up in flames, Dana also begins to forge her voice. Night and Dana is a creative coming-of-age story for the climate-change era, a graphic novel about making art and growing up when it feels like the world is on fire.”

Cover for the comic This Country: Searching for Home in (Very) Rural America by Navied Mahdavian

This Country: Searching for Home in (Very) Rural America

Illustrator + Writer: Navied Mahdavian, he/him

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Publish Date: September 12, 2023

Pages: 288

ISBN13: 9781797223674

“In Mahdavian’s hands, comics feel like poetry.Perfect ink drawings bring land, beast, and humans, with all their delicacy and yearning, viscerally to life. This Country . . . made me want to grant my own surroundings the grace, humor, and dignity ofMahdavian’s observant study.”-Amy Kurzweil, cartoonist and author of Flying Couch: A Graphic Memoir

A gorgeously illustrated and written debut graphic memoir about belonging, identity, and making a home in the remote American West, by New Yorker cartoonist Navied Mahdavian.

Before Navied Mahdavian moved with his wife and dog in November of 2016 from San Francisco to an off-the-grid cabin in rural Idaho, he had never fished, gardened, hiked, hunted, or lived in a snowy place. But there, he could own land, realize his dream of being an artist, and start a family-the Millennial dream. Over the next three years, Mahdavian leaned into the wonders of the natural Idaho landscape and found himself adjusting to and enjoying a slower pace of living. But beyond the boundaries of his six acres, he was confronted with the realities of America’s political shifts and forced to confront the question: Do I belong here?

Mahdavian’s beautifully written and unflinchingly honest graphic memoir charts his growth and struggles as an artist, citizen, and new father. It celebrates his love of place and honors the relationships he makes in rural America, touching on dynamics like culture, environment, and identity in America, and even articulating difficult moments of racism and brutality he found there as a Middle Eastern American. With wit, compassion, and a sense of humor, Mahdavian’s insider perspective offers a unique portrait of one of the most remote and wild areas of the American West.”

Cover for the comic We Are Not Strangers by Josh Tuininga

We Are Not Strangers

Illustrator + Writer: Josh Tuininga, he/him

Publisher: Abrams ComicArts, imprint of Abrams Books

Publish Date: September 12, 2023

Pages: 208

ISBN13: 9781419759949

Inspired by a true story, this graphic novel follows a Jewish immigrant’s efforts to help his Japanese neighbors while they are incarcerated during World War II.

“A powerful book about advocating for friends and neighbors during times of great division.” —Kazu Kibuishi, #1 New York Times bestselling author-illustrator of the Amulet series

Introduction by award-winning author Ken Mochizuki 

Afterword by Devin Naar, author of Jewish Salonica

Marco Calvo always knew his grandfather, affectionately called Papoo, was a good man. After all, he was named for him. A first-generation Jewish immigrant, Papoo was hardworking, smart, and caring. When Papoo peacefully passes away, Marco expects the funeral to be simple. However, he is caught off guard by something unusual. Among his close family and friends are mourners he doesn’t recognize—Japanese American families—and no one is quite sure who they are or why they are at the service. How did these strangers know his grandfather so well?

Set in the multicultural Central District of Seattle during World War II and inspired by author and artist Josh Tuininga’s family experiences, We Are Not Strangers explores a unique situation of Japanese and Jewish Americans living side by side in a country at war. Following Marco’s grandfather’s perspective, we learn of his life as a Sephardic Jewish immigrant living in America and his struggles as he settles into an America gearing up its war efforts. Despite the war raging just outside US borders, Papoo befriends Sam Akiyama, a Japanese man who finds his world upended from President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066. Determined to keep Sam’s business afloat while he and his family are unjustly incarcerated, Papoo creates a plan that not only changes the lives of the Akiyamas but of the entire Nihonmachi community.

An evocative and beautiful color-illustrated historical fiction graphic novel revealing the truth of one man’s extraordinary efforts, We Are Not Strangers converges two perspectives into a single portrait of a community’s struggle with race, responsibility, and what it truly means to be an American.”

Cover for the comic Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer #1 by Courtland Ellis and David Crownson

Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer #1

Illustrator: Courtland Ellis

Writer: David Crownson, he/him

Publisher: Behemoth Entertainment LLC/Massive Publishing

Publish Date: September 13, 2023

Pages: Not Provided

UPC: 72355236065000111

“Concept artist and Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer series artist Courtland Ellis delivers his signature design for this groundbreaking debut.

Soon to be an original series on Disney+!

Django Unchained meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer in David Crownson’s Harriet Tubman : Demon Slayer, a supernatural comic series based on the true life of the freedom fighter herself that is flavored with genre liberties in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

When slave owners can’t stop the formidable ninja warrior Harriet Tubman, they call on the help of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Demons to stop her. Harriet Tubman must lead a family of slaves to freedom while battling an army of darkness.”

Cover for the comic Cross My Heart and Never Lie by Nora Dåsnes

Cross My Heart and Never Lie

Illustrator + Writer: Nora Dåsnes, she/her

Translator: Matt Bagguley

Publisher: Hippo Park, imprint of Astra Publishing House

Publish Date: September 19, 2023

Pages: 248

ISBN13: 9781662640544

In this fresh, sensitive, diary-style graphic novel, 12-year-old Tuva’s questions about becoming a teenager are confusing—so when her first crush turns out to be on another girl, it feels absolutely wonderful–so why does it become so complicated?

Perfect for fans of The Girl from the Sea by Molly Knox Ostertag, HeartStopper by Alice Oseman, and Jen Wang’s The Dressmaker and the Prince.

Tuva is starting seventh grade, and her checklist of goals includes: writing out a diary, getting a trendy look, building the best fort in the woods with her BFFs, and much more. But when she starts school, nothing is how she hoped it would be.

Seventh grade has split her friends into rival factions: TEAM LINNEA and the girls who fall in love and TEAM BAO and the girls who NEVER fall in love. Linnea has a BOYFRIEND, Bao hates everything related to love. Worst of all, Linnea and Bao expect Tuva to choose a side!

In this delightfully hand-lettered coming-of-age graphic diary, Tuva gets caught between feeling like a kid and wanting to know HOW to become a teenager. Then Miriam shows up and suddenly Tuva feels as if she’s met her soulmate. Can you fall in love with a girl, keep it from your friends, and survive? For Tuva, it may be possible, but it’s definitely not easy.”

Cover for the comic Earthdivers TP Volume 1 by Davide Gianfelice, Joana Lafuente, Steve Wands, and Stephen Graham Jones

Earthdivers TP Volume 1: Kill Columbus

Illustrator: Davide Gianfelice, he/him

Colorist: Joana Lafuente

Letterer: Steve Wands, he/him

Writer: Stephen Graham Jones, he/him

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Publish Date: September 19, 2023

Pages: 176

ISBN13: 9798887240459

The New York Times-bestselling author of The Only Good Indiansand My Heart Is a Chainsaw makes his comics debut with this time-hopping horror thriller about far-future Indigenous outcasts on a mission to kill Christopher Columbus.

The year is 2112, and it’s the apocalypse exactly as expected: rivers receding, oceans rising, civilization crumbling. Humanity has given up hope, except for a group of Indigenous outcasts who have discovered a time travel portal in a cave in the desert and figured out where everything took a turn for the worst: America. 

Convinced that the only way to save the world is to rewrite its past, they send one of their own–a reluctant linguist named Tad–on a bloody, one-way mission to 1492 to kill Christopher Columbus before he reaches the so-called New World. But there are steep costs to disrupting the timeline, and taking down an icon isn’t an easy task for an academic with no tactical training and only a wavering moral compass to guide him. As the horror of the task ahead unfolds and Tad’s commitment is tested, his actions could trigger a devastating new fate for his friends and the future. 

Join Stephen Graham Jones and artist Davide Gianfelice for Earthdivers, Vol. 1, the beginning of an unforgettable ongoing sci-fi slasher spanning centuries of America’s Colonial past to explore the staggering forces of history and the individual choices we make to survive it.”

Cover for the comic Glitch, Volume 1 by Shima Shinya シマ・シンヤ, Abigail Blackman, and Eleanor Summers

Glitch, Volume 1

Illustrator + Writer: Shima Shinya (シマ・シンヤ), they/she

Letterer: Abigail Blackman, she/her

Translator: Eleanor Summers

Publisher: Yen Press, imprint of Kadokawa Corporation and Hachette Book Group

Publish Date: September 19, 2023

Pages: 200

ISBN13: 9781975370275

“Siblings Minato and Akira Lee have moved to a new town, and they’re expecting things to be different— but not this different! Ghostly figures tower over and pass through buildings, drawing no reaction from the locals, some of whom appear far from normal themselves.

When Akira spots a strange creature outside her window, she and her new friends organize a search. If no one else can explain the uncanny appearances, the investigation club will get to the bottom of it!”

Cover for the comic Iyanu: Child of Wonder, Volume 3 by Chima Kalu, Godwin Akpan, Spoof Animation, and Roye Okupe

Iyanu: Child of Wonder, Volume 3

Illustrator: Chima Kalu

Illustrator: Godwin Akpan

Letterer: Spoof Animation

Writer: Roye Okupe, he/him

Publisher: YouNeek YounNiverse and Dark Horse

Publish Date: September 19, 2023

Pages: 136

ISBN13: 9781506723068

Soon to be a Cartoon Network/Max/Lion Forge Animation animated series!

Iyanu makes her way to the Source to save all of Yorubaland from an ancient curse.

This time, however, she has help from her new friends: Biyi, a carefree adventurer; Toye, the bookworm; and Ekun, the magical and opinionated giant leopard! Together, all four—also known as Team Chosen—embark on an epic adventure full of twists, turns, and laughs that will change their lives forever!

Dark Horse and YouNeek Studios continue stories in a shared universe of African fantasy and superhero stories—the YouNeek YouNiverse!”

Cover for the comic Parenting Is Weird: Tails from the Litterbox by Chesca Hause

Parenting Is Weird: Tails from the Litterbox

Illustrator + Writer: Chesca Hause

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Publish Date: September 19, 2023

Pages: 192

ISBN13: 9781524879358

Combining the calamities of parenting with the chaotic cuteness of kittens, Parenting is Weird: Tails from the Litterbox presents the family foibles we can all relate to. 

A hilariously honest comic collection that explores all things parenting, from stepping out of the hospital for the first time to losing a kid in the grocery store, except everyone is cats.

From the creator of the popular Instagram and Webtoon comic Litterbox Comics comes a collection of her most popular comics, including never-before-seen artwork, character bios, stickers, word searches, and more. Both long-time fans and those who are unfamiliar with Litterbox Comics will enjoy this humorous, fresh take on what it’s like raising two boys… er, kitties… in the age of the internet. A perfect purchase for both parents and cat-lovers.”

Cover for the comic Rare Flavours #1 by Filipe Andrade, AndWorld Design, and Ram V

Rare Flavours #1

Illustrator: Filipe Andrade, he/him

Letterer: AndWorld Design, he/him

Writer: Ram V, he/him

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Publish Date: September 20, 2023

Pages: Not Provided

UPC: 84428400974401011

“Discover the tantalizing tale of Rubin Baksh, a demonic Rakshasa with a down-to-earth dream of becoming the next Anthony Bourdain.

To achieve his vision, Rubin enlists Mo, a filmmaker who has seen better days, to document the world-renowned cuisine of India and the people behind such glorious food.

But little does Mo know that there’s more to Rubin than meets the eye, and the mortals play a darker role in the show than they were prepared for… 

Entice your palate with the follow up offering from the Eisner, Harvey, and Ringo Award-nominated team of Ram V (Detective Comics, Blue In Green) and Filipe Andrade (Fantastic Four, Star) in this series painstakingly prepared for fans of Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts and Eat The Rich!”

Cover for the comic My Housemate Sano-Kun Is Just My Editor! Chapters 1-18 by Nozomi UDA ウダ ノゾミ

My Housemate Sano-Kun Is Just My Editor! Chapters 1-18

Illustrator + Writer: Nozomi UDA (ウダ ノゾミ)

Publisher: Manga UP! (app where you can read it now) and Penguin Random House (ebook releases on the 22nd)

Publish Date: September 22, 2023

Pages: 63 for Chapter 1

ISBN13: 9798891408074

Can a ‘calm, cool, and collected’ novelist maintain his composure when his overprotective editor moves in with him in this heart-fluttering comedy manga?

Shinomiya Teiichiro is a prolific, workaholic novelist who is too consumed with writing to take care of himself. To prevent him from neglecting his well-being, his editor, Sano Satoru, moves in with him. But when the calm and collected Shinomiya finds himself flustered by Sano’s constant presence and good looks, he begins to question their relationship. After all, Sano is just his editor, isn’t he?!”

Cover for the comic Blackward by Lawrence Lindell


Illustrator + Writer: Lawrence Lindell, he/they

Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

Publish Date: September 26, 2023

Pages: 216

ISBN13: 9781770466784

Black, weird, awkward and proud of it. Welcome to the club!

Tired of feeling like you don’t belong? Join the club. It’s called the Section. You’d think a spot to chill, chat, and find community would be much easier to come by for nerdy, queer punks.

But when four longtime, bookish BFFs—Lika, Amor, Lala, and Tony—can’t  find what they need, they take matters into their own hands and create a space where they can be a hundred percent who they are: Black, queer, and weird.

The group puts a call out for all awkward Black folks to come on down to the community center to connect. But low attendance and IRL run-ins with trolls of all kinds only rock everybody with anxiety. As our protagonists start to question the merits of their vision, a lifetime of insecurities—about not being good enough or Black enough—bubbles to the surface. Will they find a way to turn it around in time for their radical brainchild, the Blackward Zine Fest?

Lawrence Lindell’s characters pop from the page in playful Technicolor. From mental health to romance, micro—and macro—aggressions to joy, our crew tackles everything life throws at them in this heartwarming tale about building a place to belong and the power of community.”

Cover for the comic Sainted Love #1 by Gipota, Rosh, Simon Bowland, and Steve Orlando

Sainted Love #1

Illustrator: Gipota, he/him

Colorist: Rosh, he/him

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Writer: Steve Orlando

Publisher: Vault Comics

Publish Date: September 27, 2023

Pages: Not Provided

UPC: 85876100691100111

“New York City. 1907. Malcolm Irina is the greatest inventor the world’s never heard of, and his lover, John Wolf, is the toughest bare-knuckle boxer in the city. Irina’s crowning invention, the Chronocorridor, is nearly complete.

He dreams of whisking himself and Wolf away to a time when they can live and love freely. But when crazed Detective Felt raids Irina’s lab, the couple dive into the freshly powered up portal to escape capture.

Steve Orlando (Eisner+GLAAD Nominated writer of Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man 2099, Wonder Woman) and Giopota (artist+creator of beloved webcomic Mothersea) hurl you across time with Irina and Wolf, as they encounter famous queer people throughout history and fight back against all who would see their names and love erased!”

More September Releases!

I’m working with limited space on this website’s server (and limited energy in this body 😂), so I can’t highlight the covers and details for all the comic releases, but there are still a ton more great looking comics coming out this month! Check them out!

Blade of the Moon Princess, Volume 1 by Tatsuya Endo – September 5

Damnation Diary by Peter Rostovsky – September 5

Doña Quixote: Rise of the Knight by Monica M. Magaña and Rey Terciero – September 5

Moon on a Rainy Night, The Volume 1 by Kuzushiro – September 5

Sleep Terrors by Stephanie Son and Cavan Scott – September 5

Witches of Brooklyn: Spell of a Time, Book 4 by Sophie Escabasse – September 5

Kill Your Darlings #1 by Bob Quinn, John J. Hill, Ethan S. Parker, and Griffin Sheridan – September 6

Massively Multiplayer World of Ghosts, The, Volume 1: The King of Cheating by Oscar Fong and Frederick L. Jones – September 6

Project Cryptid #1 by Jordi Perez, PJ Holden, Paul Cornell, Mark Russell, and Grant Morrison – September 6

Tear Us Apart #1 by Alessandro Micelli, Taylor Esposito, Jay Baruschel, and Van Jensen – September 6

New Rat City #1 by George Quadros and Honor Vincent – September 7

Hide: The Graphic Novel by Veronica Fish, Andy Fish, Scott Peterson, and Kiersten White – September 12

Hour of Need: The Daring Escape of Danish Jews in World War II: A Graphic Novel by Tatiana Goldberg and Ralph Shayne – September 12

Nature’s Labyrinth TP by Bayleigh Underwood, Warnia Sahadewa, Rus Wooton, and Zac Thompson – September 12

Old-Fashioned Cupcake with Cappuccino, Volume 2 by Sagan Sagan – September 12

What’s Fear Got to Do With It? by Ivana Filipovich – September 12

Black Cloak TP Volume 1 by Meredith McClaren and Kelly Thompson – September 13

Jungle Juice, Volume 1 by JUDER, Hyeong Eun, KYLA AIKO, Chiho Christie, and AH Cho – September 19

Love Kills by Danilo Beyruth – September 19

Match Point! by Maddie Gallegos – September 19

Restless by Joseph Kai – September 19

Tales of the Orishas by Hugo Canuto – September 19

Until I Love Myself, Volume 2 by Poppy Pesuyama – September 19

Behold Behemoth TP by Nick Robles and Tate Brombal – September 20

Crashdown #1 by Ben Templesmith, Tom Garcia, and Ryan Sargeant – September 20

Know Your Station TP by Liana Kangas and Sarah Gailey (Midtown link) – September 20

Mom Breaks the Internet #1 by Patrick Mulholland, Cynna Ael, and Jay Sandlin – September 20

Confetti Realms by Karnessa, Hackto Oshiro, Micah Meyers, and Nadia Shammas – September 26

Mall Goth by Kate Leth – September 26

Nell of Gumbling: My Extremely Normal Fairy-Tale Life by Emma Steinkellner – September 26

The Out Side Comics Anthology (expanded edition) – September 26

A Sky of Paper Stars by Susie Yi – September 26

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