An announcement card with a pink background and white text on the left and a photo of Jessi, a fat white person in a bright purple sleeveless top and a floral yellow skirt, smiling outdoors in front of some flowers on the right. The text reads, "Come Say Hi! 2020 Feminist Art Fest! March 7th: "Keeping It Corporeal" Panel 11:15 to 12:45."

Feminist Art Fest 2020!

I’m delighted to share that I’ll be speaking at a panel at the 2020 Feminist Art Fest on March 7th in Toronto! The panel is titled “Keeping It Corporeal,” and the topic of discussion is “engaging the body as a site of feminist activism and healing.”

My fellow panelists– Vanessa Godden, Samantha Lyn Aasen, and Sarah Mo and Adwoa Toku from the Las Lobas Collective — and I will be speaking with the audience from 11:15 AM to 12:45 PM local time in Room 556. The panel will be moderated by Maya Mahgoub-Desai, Associate Professor and Chair of Environmental Design at OCAD University where the festival is being hosted. I encourage you to check out everyone’s work!

If you’re interested in attending you can go to the Fest’s Eventbrite page and get tickets on a sliding scale according to what you’re able to afford, and you can also find accessibility information on that page, as well as more info about the other panels and events going on for the Fest.

This promises to be a very thoughtful discussion with several interesting artists, and it’s one I hope you can join me for! If you see me in person and would like to say hi, please do!